Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brother Effect - The good and the bad!

Here goes my first Cricket post on a day when 2 sets of brothers scripted a success story in run chases. Messrs Hussey and Hussey spoilt the party for New Zealand, and Messrs Pathan and Pathan followed suit much to the disappointment of Sri Lankan fans. 

The first one was a bit of a disappointment for me as I have been for the past few weeks playing every single game against Australia, hoping to relegate them down to #3 permanently, with India moving up to #2 in the ODI Rankings (and this did happen but lasted just a couple of days), and another Auz win over NZ reduces the chances of this happening in the next month. How the Aussie arrogance and double-standards piss me off is another story that I will talk about in the days to come.

Coming to the latter, it was simply AWE.......................... wait for it............................ SOME (can't help plugging in some Barenyisms as you might notice in my future posts... for the uninitiated, more on Barneyisms some other day). I have always been a huge fan of both Pathans and feel that they have been unlucky and should have been a permanent face in the ODI and T20 teams since long now. Seeing them play in tandem today was an Orgasmic feeling, what with Yusuf taking apart the spin (Bandara!!!) then showing mettle and sense in slowing down and handing over the baton to Irfan, who moved on to torment the seamers. The beauty of the partnership was that none tried to over shadow the other, and in the end, this is what in my opinion resulted in the WIN.

Can't wait for NZ series to start now, and hope to see a lot more Pathans and Gambhir action there!


HungryGoat said...

nice blog, liked reading it and totally agree with ur thoughts. Cheers! Gaurav

Prayukth said...

A big welcome to the blogging world..buddy..great to see ya here... India will be #1 soon...:))